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Specialist dietetic services for:

Management of IBS and gastrointestinal disorders 

Women's health conditions 


Sports and exercise nutrition 

Nutritional Cooking

Why work with  Fay?

Fruits and Vegetables



A registered dietitian is the only nutrition professional to be regulated by law, so you can be sure that the information you receive is up to date and evidence based.

I will work with you to understand you and your health conditions, then translate the most up to date science research around health and nutrition into practical advice.

I can support you to work through the process of making and maintaiining lifestyle changes. This can be a difficult process, but with the right support, the changes you make are much more likely to stay in place long term.



"I sought help from Fay due to suffering gut symptoms likely related to endometriosis. I hadn't even realised quite how much it had taken over my life, due to symptoms progressing gradually over a number of years. In the very thorough first consult, Fay unpicked the tangled web of symptoms, identified which may be responsive to dietary factors and worked with me to develop a plan to move forwards. The targets at the end of each consultation have been achievable and realistic - and most importantly have created excellent results! I used to avoid many foods 'just in case' but Fay has given me the confidence and knowledge to focus on variety instead which has made me fall in love with cooking and eating again! Fay is an excellent listener, who managed to get all the details required without it feeling the least bit intrusive - I really enjoyed the whole process, and the results have left me feeling so much better."

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